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Moving Through Life Together
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About Omina Designs

In preparation to sell my mother’s house, Marge helped me to sort out the household items and keepsakes. Marge was a terrific help in making the job much easier and pleasant, greatly reducing the burden and frustration that such a task can create. She simplified what to do with all that “stuff”, making the job so much less time consuming. She helped to divide the items into those saleable through auction or yard sale, keepsakes, donations, recycle, or trash. I am very glad I did not undertake this task myself. The cost of Marge’s professional assistance was well worth it.


The origin of the name Omina Designs

(pronounced oh-mee-nah)
I was named after my great-grandmother, Margaret, and her middle name was Omina. When selecting a business name I wanted something that I was connected to and is unique. That is how I chose the name Omina Designs.

Moving Through Life Together!

Omina Designs is owned and operated by Marge Anderson. When she moved to New Hampshire she saw it as an opportunity to pursue a great passion of hers – organizing! And with her background in interior design, adding home staging services to the business seemed to be a likely compliment to the organizing services.

Education and Training

In 2007, Marge attended the Organizing Academy, a three-day educational program for those getting started in professional organizing. She is a member of the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO) and attended the 2012 conference in Baltimore, MD and 2017 conference in Pittsburgh, PA where she learned valuable information, tools and tips for many types of organizing. In 2013 she also attended a three-day educational course and became an Accredited Staging Professional (ASP) and joined the International Association of Home Staging Professionals (IAHSP). Marge is committed to continuing education in the organizing and staging fields and is often reading books, taking webinar and teleclasses, and listening to seminar recordings on a variety of organizing, staging, and business topics.

Work Experience

Marge began her professional career as an interior designer. After college graduation from Philadelphia University in 2001, she worked as an assistant for a residential interior designer outside Philadelphia, PA. For eight years she worked for an architectural firm in central PA as an interior designer and computer drafts person.

The principals soon picked up on her organizational skills and gave her responsibilities such as creating a filing system based on job phases, organizing and maintaining the resource and materials library, as well as small space planning projects and color/materials selection, and feasibility studies which consisted of listening to client’s concerns and needs and organizing the information into a presentable format with suggested options for the future project.

Marge looks forward to “moving through life together” and sharing her gifts, creativity, and passion for organizing and staging with others and helping people through transitions in their own life’s journey.



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