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Marge was a hard working person who knew just what needed to be done. We would gladly recommend her work to anyone.


Keene, NH

In preparation to sell my mother’s house, Marge helped me to sort out the household items and keepsakes. Marge was a terrific help in making the job much easier and pleasant, greatly reducing the burden and frustration that such a task can create. She simplified what to do with all that “stuff”, making the job so much less time consuming. She helped to divide the items into those saleable through auction or yard sale, keepsakes, donations, recycle, or trash. I am very glad I did not undertake this task myself. The cost of Marge’s professional assistance was well worth it.


I have been struggling to sell my home and Marge was willing to give me a helping hand. Even though I do not live in NH, she was willing to give me phenomenal advice via e-mail about what to do with my home in order to neutralize it and make it a space that others could imagine themselves living in. She gave me a thorough report about the pictures I had posted on online and really went above and beyond my expectations. I recommend her services to anyone who needs to sell their home. Marge and Home Staging are great resources!

E. Blumenthal

Marge was very personable and helpful -not judging at all. I appreciated her hands-on help as well as her ideas in organizing. It was also most helpful that she was willing to take clothes and books to their appropriate recycle destinations.

Cynthia C.

We are very grateful for all of your help and tips [staging our home] – yes, we listened and definitely feel that they helped!


Your going through and organizing our kitchen cabinets after we moved really got me motivated to do some serious work on our closet upstairs. I’m shocked how a little time and effort to organize up front can save so much space.

Melissa R.

Newmarket, NH

Marge has a firm but friendly manner and wastes no time. She is totally trustworthy and supportive.


Peterborough, NH

Marge did a complete walk-through of our house. We talked about the most challenging areas and things that most needed to be purged. Marge implemented a simple, but powerful system of sorting. It ended up being a lot more fun than I thought! By the time we needed to move again we were fully downsized and the move was the smoothest one we’ve ever experienced. Now we’re settled into our new home, where everything has a place, and feeling much more relaxed in our organized space! Thank you Marge for putting order to our chaos!


Keene, NH

I would recommend Omina Designs for any type of project great or small. I enjoyed working with Marge, she was able to dig in and get started on a plan right away, but also change direction when needed. I know I would not have been able to sit and focus on what needed to be done without her support.

Northfield, MA

Marge is very sensitive to the emotional baggage associated with decluttering. Her help was an inspiration to me to keep going with the purging and sorting. I felt good about the process each time she came.


I was pleased with the effort that Marge went to for researching our kitchen ideas. Her plans for the sitting room were well thought out and designed using what we have. She was upfront with her pricing and respected my budget.

Lisa P.

Walpole, NH

I was overwhelmed after packing and moving from a house into a smaller apartment. There was still some downsizing to do at the new place and Marge provided hands-on help and kept me organized and moving towards my goal.

Cindy B.

Keene, NH



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